Commercial Electrical Services Every Seattle Business Needs

Having a safe and secure commercial property is a priority for any Seattle business. With commercial electrical services, the goal is to ensure the property stays safe and secure.

Additionally, services such as repairs, maintenance, and upgrades keep the business from dealing with downtime. Installation of generators, smoke detectors, security systems, and surge protection also minimizes downtime.

Your best bet is to choose a commercial electrician in Seattle who offers a wide range of electrical services. This way, you know you have the services you need and don't have to bring in someone unknown to handle each project. Here are some services that you will need as a commercial business owner. Call Luke Electric today.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

There are electrical safety code requirements that have to be followed by commercial businesses in Seattle. When regulations change, the electrical panel may need to be upgraded.

The panel is the breaker box that the electrical wiring runs through from the service pole. The panel houses the breakers and all the circuits are routed to different areas of the building through the panel box.

The electrical panel may not need upgrading for ten years, but the time frame will depend on changing regulations. This is one reason a commercial electrical inspection is important every five years for a businesses.

Electrical Inspections

Commercial buildings are constantly being sold and bought. When you buy a property, the commercial electrical system should be inspected by a professional Seattle electrician. Even though the electrical system may be inspected by an electrician which is hired by the seller or mortgage lender, you may not get the information you should because the inspector is representing them not you and the inspector doesn't specialize in electrical systems.

Whether you choose to have the electrical system inspected before purchase, just after, or later, an inspection should be done to ensure everything is in a safe working condition.

You never know what type of repairs or upgrades have been done in the past to the electrical system. It's often found that old repairs weren't done according to safety code standards or inspected by code authorities when it should have been. Have a commercial electrical inspection done every five years.

Electrical Maintenance Programs

Keeping up with electrical maintenance is important for any business. Whether you have a small commercial building or large, electrical maintenance needs to be done at some point for the safety of customers and assets.

Security Lighting Installations

Security lighting installation is important to protect your assets, including employees who may be working or leaving work after dark. Parking lot and exterior building lighting should be installed at minimum. Additional security lighting can be installed indoors or anywhere outdoors.

Smoke Detectors

Hardwiring smoke detectors throughout your commercial business saves customers and assets from fire and smoke inhalation poisoning. Smoke detectors alert us to the presence of smoke due to fire, so early detection is a must.

Electrical Repairs

Every business will need a commercial electrical repair technician to fix small or large problems. From loose outlets or switches to replacing entire electrical systems, repairs are a matter of keeping the building and occupants safe.

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