Protect your Seattle Family with Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical SafetyIt is hard to think of any everyday task that your family undertakes that is not somehow made possible by electricity. Electricity is an amazing convenience that is responsible for a large part of your Seattle family’s quality of life.

At Luke Electric, their professional electrical safety experts believe that all Seattle residents should have a reliable, functional, efficient, and safe electrical system. The best way you can protect your family from the dangers of electricity is to team up with these professionally licensed electricians. Their safety experts provide routine electrical safety inspections to Seattle residents. In between these inspections, Seattle homeowners should remain diligent and be aware of common signs of electrical safety issues.

Signs that your Seattle Home Needs Rewiring

If you notice or experience any of the following problems within your Seattle home, it is absolutely imperative that you call the electrical safety experts at Luke Electric. Inexperienced homeowners should never conduct their own electrical repairs of modifications. Both the process and nonprofessional results of conducting your own repairs can lead to extreme hazards.

All of the following are signs that your home may have dangerous electrical safety issues:

Frequent Breaker Failures

Although circuit breakers fail on occasion, if the same circuit breaker fails often and repeatedly, there may be an electrical safety issue in your home. If left unresolved, the problem with your residential wiring can potentially cause a fire.

Frequent Light Flickering and Dimming

Once again, this is not an immediate sign of concern. Lights often flicker or dim when other appliances are utilizing electricity on the same circuit. However, if you notice that lights are flickering abnormally or more often, there can be a problem with your residential wiring. The best way to ensure that there are no safety issues is to have a routine electrical safety inspection.

Buzzing, Popping, or Clicking

If any appliance, light, electrical fixture buzzes, pops, or clicks, there may be an electrical safety issue. Appliances and lights are design to operate quietly unlike older electronic devices.

Electric Shocks or Tingles

If you ever feel an electric shock or tingle when you touch a metal surface or electrical appliance, there is a grave electrical safety concern. This is a sign of an electricity leak which can potentially be exacerbated into something far more dangerous.

Aluminum Wiring

If you live in an older home, you may have aluminum wiring. This type of wiring has fallen out of favor because it is more likely to overheat than copper wire. Aluminum wire poses a higher risk of causing a fire.

Smell of Burning Plastic

Oftentimes, burned or overheated wires can give off a noxious plastic burning smell. This is a definitive sign of a wiring problem that could potentially cause a fire your Seattle home.

If you are concerned about electrical safety and want to schedule an electrical safety inspection in Seattle, call Luke Electric at 206-226-5938, or fill out our online request form.

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