Electrical Upgrades That Can Help You Save Energy

Electrical Upgrades That Can Help You Save EnergyTargeting the areas of your home that waste energy is a great idea. Did you know that your electrician can help you find out which appliances are hogging too much energy? They can also help you with electrical upgrades which improve your home's energy efficiency.

The more our homes age, the more sense it makes to perform some electrical upgrades. Lighting can be the best upgrade you make to save energy. Take a look at the following electrical upgrades you may be able to make to reduce your electricity bill.

Wireless Sensors For The Electrical Panel

Your electrician can install wireless sensors directly into your breaker panel so you can find out what's costing you money on your energy bill. Is it the old refrigerator, the hot water heater, or the old wiring in the garage where you run your washer and dryer?

By knowing what appliance is using too much energy, you'll know exactly what type of electrical upgrades to do to lower your energy bill. Ask your electrician about a whole house electrical panel energy monitor.

LED Lighting Retrofit

You may try to use LED bulbs in your standard light fixtures already. What you may not know is that you won't get near the performance with this set up as you would with an LED lighting retrofit. The bulbs won't last as long as they should and you won't get the best energy performance though you will see some improvement.

The electrician changes out the light fixtures, either indoor or outdoor or both. LED fixtures are made for LED light bulbs so the system performs better. Don't short yourself by just buying expensive bulbs.

Panel Upgrades

Did you know your home's main breaker box should be upgraded about every ten years or so? It's true. Electrical panels need to be upgraded because of the increased demand for electricity. If your home was built 30 years ago, the electrical panel was designed for a household that didn't have all the electronic gadgets and appliances we use today. With an upgrade, your home will be able to easily supply you with the power you need. But be warned, the wiring may be outdated too if your home was built before 1980.

Wiring Replacements

Old aluminum wiring or the older knob and tube wiring should be replaced if you want any type of energy savings. The appliances you use today demand more electricity from the wiring, so it actually puts your house in a dangerous situation if you keep using the electrical system as it is. Your electrician can determine what type of wiring you have and whether or not it can be repaired or needs replacing.

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