The Lifesaving Advantages of Hardwired Smoke Detectors

Seattle Smoke DetectorEveryone understands the importance of having smoke detectors in the home. It is not just a good idea, it is a necessity. What many homeowners still ponder though, is whether they need to go the extra step and make sure that they have hardwired smoke detectors in their home.

Making Sense of the Difference

Not all smoke detectors are created equal. If you buy a previously owned house you will notice smoke detectors, but will you know whether they are battery-powered or hardwired? And when you do find out, will you know what the difference is?

As the names would imply, battery-powered detectors run off a battery while hardwired alternatives run through the electrical system. So why is an electrically powered smoke detector a better idea?

The most obvious benefit is that your smoke alarms will not run out of battery power. So you are not at the mercy of remembering to change the batteries in order to make sure this lifesaving device works when needed.

So what if the power goes out? Hardwired alarms have battery backup so they are still fully operational during periods of electrical outages.

High quality, modern hardwired detectors are known for better accuracy. Many are designed to pick up on both heat and smoke before being triggered. The benefit of this? Fewer instances of false detection when someone burns toast in the kitchen.

These devices can also be linked to one another, if so desired. This interconnect ability means communication between smoke detectors. So, if one alarm is triggered, the others will bet set off too. The advantage of this is that you do not have to worry about sleeping through or missing an alarm activated in another part of your house.

The bottom line is that you want to be able to take whatever steps are available to you, when it comes to safeguarding your home and your loved ones inside of it. Having smoke detectors in place is a great step but making sure that they will be the best system possible just makes sense. When you work our seattle electricians you will get important advice like this.

Relying on the Industry Experts

For over a decade now, Luke Electric has been taking care of the service needs of our customers. We work with both residential and commercial customers, ensuring the highest quality of workmanship.

If you do not already have hardwired smoke detectors in your home or business, now is the perfect time to make the transition. Let us help you to better protect your home or business with this additional step.

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