Tips When Considering Outdoor Ceiling Fans For Your Seattle Home

While ceiling fans may all look similar, they are not all created the same. You need to consider many aspects of the product before making your selection. Seattle outdoor ceiling fans are no different, as there are quite a few considerations to be made before you purchase this type as well, such as the amount of air that is circulated (efficiency), how much noise it makes, and the durability of the finish, the expected lifespan and whether the manufacturer will stand behind the warranty.

Some fans may look good but move very little air and obviously this would not be a very good choice for an outdoor ceiling fan for your Seattle home. Check out the pitch on the ceiling fan blades. Blade pitch is the angle of the blades. Fans with a greater pitch means the air movement will be greater. This should also be in sync with the motor, as some manufacturers will attempt to cut corners on the materials used and sometimes the motors and other ceiling fan parts are not really powerful enough.

If a ceiling fan is making a humming noise, then it needs to be checked out as it can be a sign of a poorly manufactured product. The noise may be caused by improper metal fittings on the blades or motor, or inexpensive ball bearings that may have been used in order to cut corners. Since the outdoor ceiling fans effectiveness depends upon the amount of energy used and the volume of air it moves, motors with a low wattage use very little energy, which means less air is moved, resulting in very poor effectiveness.

Of course there are many parts on a poor quality indoor ceiling fan or outdoor fan that may break. One is the pull chain that gets pulled out of the housing incorrectly. As well, a mismatched motor size and blade pitch may also be signs of poor quality ceiling fan parts. If you do find one that is substandard, then you should bring it to the attention of the inspectors who allowed poor quality fans to be sold.

A few other things to be on the lookout for, especially in outdoor ceiling fans, are the finishes. Brass or bronze ceiling fan finishes may look alike but the less expensive units usually will tarnish quickly and that is not good for product that will be outside and subject to damp conditions. The finishes that are of high quality undergo a series of grinding and buffing between multiple plating processes. If the surface spots easily you may want to reconsider the purchase.

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