Never Loose Power With Backup Generators In Seattle

Seattle Electrical Generators If you want to never lose power in your Seattle home, Luke Electric can make it happen. We can install a generator for your home that you'll love because there will be little you have to do to have a seamless operation when your power goes out. Keep the generator fueled and maintained once a year and you'll never have to worry about being without electricity in your Seattle home.

Years ago, more people knew how important it was to use generators as a backup power source, though there weren't so many electrical gadgets used like there is today. Today, you can have a generator that services your entire home power needs during a blackout. You can use it for all you want or you can have a smaller generator installed to take care of just a few important things like your refrigerator, freezer, stove, and lights.

Quiet, Seamless Operation

There's a surefire way you can be sure you never lose power in your Seattle, Washington home and that is to have a new generator installed. Today's generators offer seamless operation which switches from your main power source to your generator in seconds.

You won't even notice you lost power with the new technologies that are integrated into these modern day systems. And, you won't hear a noisy generator that drives you nuts because they are insulated for sound dampening. You can also connect them to a solar power system or as usual an existing gas line.

Generator Installation

It's important that your Seattle home generator is installed by professional electricians who know what they're doing. Carbon monoxide is one of the "invisible killers" because it's colorless, odorless, and is a poisonous gas.

A home generator is powered by fuel and produces carbon monoxide as a by-product, so the area it's installed in has to be properly ventilated for this invisible, dangerous gas.

Also, if the electrical work isn't done properly, there may be faulty wiring that can cause house fires. If you have a generator installed for your home, it should be placed in the right location.

You may also want to consider having carbon monoxide detectors installed in the area to ensure your safety.

Modern Automatic Generators

The latest generation of modern generators is the inverter type generators that regulate the amount of power produced instead of the old generators that run full blast. The motor will speed up or slow down as needed automatically.

Another automatic feature is seamless switching from the electrical power source to the generator when the generator senses no more electrical current being produced. Within seconds, the generator will kick on for you without your having to turn the system on. All other times, it sits idle.

This new technology also ensures that the unit kicks off when power is restored. You'll never even notice the generator kicked on when the electrical power service fails in Seattle. Generators of today offer you smooth, quiet, and economical backup power for your home that you can always count on.

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