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Edmonds  ElectricalWhen to call your Edmonds professional electricians. When you have a problem, do you call a professional or a handyman? How do you think of a professional vs. a nonprofessional? A nonprofessional may perform work that is not up to code. A nonprofessional might tap one wire to another without using junction boxes. A nonprofessional may perform illegal work by not following National Electric Code. A licensed electrical contractor will only perform work that is guided by the N.E.C.

A licensed electrical contractor who has dealt with a lot of problems in the past can find and identify a problem quickly. One time a painter was refinishing the floors for a homeowner and his equipment would not work. He told the homeowner that the problem was in a receptacle in the floor. The problem was not with that receptacle. It was the painter that was using old equipment while he plugged into a circuit that he overloaded. They were using faulty extension cords and faulty equipment which lead to tripping the breaker.

An electrical contractor must guarantee his work. A handyman may not be a professional and he may not guarantee his work. A handyman will perform a little carpentry work, a little air conditioner work, or maybe a little plumbing. But he should not perform your home improvement job if it requires re-wiring or new wiring. If you have a problem, can they fix the problem that exists or just patch it?

If a handyman is called out to perform a simple job like change a receptacle, does he know what the codes are? Does he know if that receptacle was originally installed correctly? A handyman does not know what the codes are for the box fill or any codes for installing a new fixture. For instance, do you know if a handyman can install a fan on any box in your home? The answer is no. The box must be capable of handling 50 pounds of weight. Can your handyman hang a fixture anywhere? No, he can not.

Our trained professionals have the years of experience and the training needed to ensure that you have the very best possible services for your home. Whether you are looking for a addition or a repair to your homes electrical system only trust it to our trained professional experts.

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