Seattle Security Lighting

Seattle Security LightingMany people go to great lengths to keep their home safe. They usually start with the installation of deadbolt locks, and locking devices for their windows. They might even have a professionally installed and monitored home security system. These are excellent tools and the well-protected home will probably have these sorts of home safety measures, as well as others. One of the most practical (and often overlooked) methods of keeping your Seattle home safe is with home security lighting.

Seattle security lighting can take many different forms. Some people choose to keep their homes safe by using a "dusk to dawn" technique. This simply means that they have a variety of lighting around their home that is on at all times. This sort of home security lighting technique works by discouraging burglars from approaching the home as most homes are broken into when no one is home. A light that is turned on inside the home give the appearance that the home is occupied. The weakness of this sort of home security lighting is that the energy costs can become quite high, and an always-on approach doesn't provide any alert to neighbors that there is a home intrusion.

A second way to keep your home safe with Seattle home security lighting is through the use of motion-activated flood lights. These sorts of home security lights operate using motion sensors, turning the light on when they detect motion, and turning the light off after a few minutes. These lights can alert neighbors, without having those high energy costs. In addition, the sudden brightness will often surprise a potential burglar, who is then more likely to leave the premises.

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